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Summary of Re-licensure Requirements for EMT-Basic

State of Missouri Requirements

Your Missouri EMT-B License is valid for a 5-year period. Within those 5 years you must obtain a total of 100 CEUs (Continuing Education Units), 48 of which must be core hours from the National Standard Curriculum. IHM offers EMT-B refresher classes, which award 24 core-hour CEUs upon completion. The state of Missouri also accepts on-line CEUs for re-licensure.

Click Here for Missouri Re-licensure Information and Applications

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Requirements

Your National Registry EMT-B License is valid for a 2-year period. Within those 2 years you must complete a state approved National Standard EMT-Basic Refresher course adhering to the 1994 DOT EMT Basic Curriculum, obtain CPR certification and complete 48 hours of additional continuing EMS education as outlined on the NREMT website.

Click Here for NREMT Re-licensure Information and Applications

State of Illinois Requirements

Your Illinois EMT-B License is valid for a 4-year period. With in those 4 years you must obtain CPR certification and 120 hours of continuing education with only 30 hours in each category. Illinois also accepts a limited number of On-Line CEUs for re-licensure.

Click Here for Illinois Re-licensure Information and Applications

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